Stella del Mattino

Sometimes, the works of man seem only destined to bring sadness and destruction.  We are brilliantly gifted at nastiness here in the modern world.  I don’t think for one moment that this is the natural state of humankind.  But, we have built a society and a series of philosophies that seem to perpetuate the worst aspects of our nature.  Sometimes I get so desperate, swimming against the tide all the time.  Yogic philosophy flies in the face of most everything we believe to be true.  I offer yoga classes in the middle of Benidorm.  Benidorm is a town blessed with beautiful beaches, amazing clear light, an ancient culture rooted in the continuous evolution of the people visiting its shores:  Greeks, Phoenecians, Moors, Castillians….And in appreciation of its beauty, we paved paradise, put up skyscapers, and overran it with every form of hideousness known to mankind.  This is NOT a criticism of the tourists in Benidorm – I think it’s fantastic that people can have a well-earned break, with the families, enjoy the sun and beach.  It’s just an observation that somehow, en masse, we manage to create ugliness instead of beauty.  But, that isn’t always true.  Mankind is capable of acts of great beauty.  When I feel sad, I listen to “Stella del Mattno” by Ludovico Einaudi. I remember that man is capable of expansive, vibrating, joyous creation and it all seems ok, for a little while.  Enjoy.



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