I have decided to apply for admission to the four-year Bachelor of Music offered at the Institute of Sonology ( in The Hague.

This program interests me because it appears to marry in a very sensible way the paths of technical and creative work in electronic music creation.

My long-term goal is to study and develop personalised sound therapy.  Naturally, given my years working with cancer patients, I am interested in the response of tumours to specific sound frequencies.  I don’t know if this is perhaps a bit outlandish.  I prefer to think of it as avant-guard.

My hypothesis is this:  in the same way that many pharmaceutical interventions are keyed to stopping or starting the production of certain enzymes in an effort to then control the behaviour of cells, specific sound frequencies, tones and textures could be applied to the human body with the same intention.

From a personal standpoint, I realise that massaging is a wonderful job with a finite lifetime.  I don’t see myself rubbing bodies at 60 years of age, but nor do I believe that the pensions and retirement systems that are in place today will stand the test of time.  Put simply, I need to extend my working life.  I am in the enviable position that I love my work and have a creative spark that could take my work in novel directions.  So, let’s see if Sonology is a fit.




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