Track your streaming data

The other day, I was reading about a Bandcamp success story, Zoe Keating.  Interestingly, she publishes her iTunes, Spotify and YouTube payouts.  This is really cool – and only a Canadian would be so transparent, haha – because it helps indie musicians to keep the faith when investment tops income year after year.

She is quoted as:  “… calling on streaming services to share more listening data with artists. “I wish I could make this demand: stream my music, but in exchange give me my listener data,” she wrote in 2012.”

As of 2015, digital music sales/streaming surpassed physical.    It is vital, therefore, that artists are able to understand the statistics and concentrate their efforts.  Remember, a lot of musicians hold down jobs that allow them somehow to squeeze in their art.  A successful tour not only generates a bit of money for new gear (smile), but will fill the hearts of the artists.  Full venues, and appreciative audiences are lifelines.  Hey, even musicians burn out.

Enter AWAL App.

Given that “Fans still value the unique experience of seeing their favorite artist in concert enough to pay for it. Global music industry revenues totaled roughly $15 billion in 2015, while the live music equivalent totaled nearly double, at $29 billion” (, even if your streaming revenue is small-ish, the data provided by AWAL could help a band plan a more successful tour.  If you hit the cities where your streams/songs are getting heard, you’re more likely to fill the room.

Here’s the link.





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