Music Discovery of the Week: Dossey

An email from Noisetrade alerted me to the music of Dossey.  Feeling like supporting an indie artist, I popped over to Bandcamp and pre-ordered her upcoming EP.  Have a listen:

I would put her alongside artists like Bat For Lashes or maybe London Grammar, which she cites as in influence.

I found it interesting that her meta description describes her as an Austin-based Christian Electro-Pop Artist.  I didn’t get that from reading her blurb.  Also, over on her YouTube channel, the four clips from her last album, Altarwork, have all been removed.  Maybe she’s re-vamping.  Maybe she’s had a change of mind.  Maybe it’s none of my business, and I should just hope that she is well and happy and enjoying making her music.

For me, if it’s a good and tolerant form of Christianity, then coolio with me.   I love Sufjan Stevens and he praises the Lord in his own way through his music. Now that I am riffing on the subject, here’s what I think.  I think that music and spirituality intersect on the Grand Continuum.  Just like the sine waves of a synth, there are phases to the vibes, and when they couple up, magic happens.  One of my big digs is modern mantra.  Pop on over and have a listen to this Modern Krishna Bhajan if you need to lift your spirits.

Have a lovely day, wherever you are.


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