Straighten Up

This is a nice clip:

It certainly gives me some sonic ideas.  In my other incarnation, I teach yoga.  I keep on imagining a crossover electronic-yoga music project.  It is taking form, but slowly.  I am gathering my knowledge and dedicating more time than ever before to producing and singing.

Today, I walked up a mountain.  It was the first time in my life that I have done such a thing!  It is a very symbolic thing, isn’t it, to climb a mountain?  The daring, the doubt, the doubling-back, and then, eventually, the reward- the summit!  But, then the descent, aching legs, and finally, deliverance.  Speaking of deliverance:

Here is a great mix, and a great track:  RY X – Deliverance (Fake Mood ‘Savannah At Dawn’) Remix

My music production-mix teacher used it as an example of a good mix.  There is a nice separation of the different sounds, so the middle is unmuddled and limpid.  There sounds like a stereo separation – that’s what he used the song to teach us – but also a little delay between R-L.

Well, I shall unhook from the information highway at this point.  Enjoy, if you will, this lovely and peaceful mantra.  Om mani padme hum:




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