Some newsletters for Music and Tech

I have been browsing around this morning, and found some interesting writing about the intersection of music and technology.  It is a vastly interesting field.  Given that many musicians are audiophiles, but most consumers are content with Mp3 on a mobile, there is a very wide spectrum of consumers to be catered for.  The money bit comes into play, too, because content delivery is costly not only from a hosting&backup&bandwidth point of view but from a royalties point of view.  Streaming audio is growing year on year, but there are those who decry that the revenues generated thus are unfair.

But, you know, I don’t know so much about this field.  Let’s give the floor to some people who do:

Cherie Hu have an impressive bio as not only a Julliard-trained musician but a Harvard-based researcher.  She write about the intersection of Music and Technology and has a weekly mail-out.  Her bio is impressive, but I think that I might feel rather lumpen in her presence (she also runs half-marathons…I, er, do yoga and play the guitar a bit, heh heh.)

Bas Grasmeyer also publishes a weekly newsletter talking all thing music tech.  He comes across as very clever and intrepid in that Dutch way that I love so much.  He writes that he has just taken on a position at Idagio, a classical music streaming app.  (I signed up, btw).

If you surf on over to the Music Tech Festival page, you will find a wealth of cutting-edge stuff.  I find the design of the page annoying – fine white letters on a black background header means that I keep having to adjust the angle of my screen in order to read – but the content is interesting, and the articles are more traditionally formatted.   They also have a weekly newsletter.

So much to read, so little time.   Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think, enjoy yourself, while you’re still in the pink.




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