New Music discovery of the week – Bruno Raberg: Triloka

I logged onto to Facebook this morning and found a notification from both Berklee College of Music (did you know that they have a campus in Valencia?) and Idagio, the new classical music streaming app that I discovered via Bas Grasmayer’s MusicxTechxFuture newsletter.  Urging me to listen to Bruno Raberg’s new album, Triloka, the blurb says “The Swedish bassist and composer mixes classical with jazz improvisation and influences of Indian folk music to create a truly unique sound.”

Well, I must say that someone’s algorithm is working, because that marketing is precise…darn!  Yes, I admit a penchant for, erm, jazz, classical and Indian music.  I had quite a period listening to Ananda Shankar’s psych-sitar songs, and they regularly feature in my playlists.

But, I digress.

When I clicked the link, the Idagio app opened.  But, to even preview the tracks, I had to subscribe to their premium service.  Free for fourteen days, then €9.99/month afterwards, I wasn’t quite ready to make the jump.  So, a quick search showed that the album is available on Bandcamp, and has been since February!  Knowing that my listening habits don’t tend towards either streaming or on-the-go with headphones, I opted to buy the music rather than subscribe.  I don’t know if my habits are the norm, but there is something about owning a track that I like.  Too many times, iTunes has left a purchase in the Cloud, and then I have to stream it on 4G rather than play it from my phone.  I find this annoying, and doubly so given that I have to re-adjust this preference with every upgrade of my OS.

So, that’s my morning.  I hope that you enjoy listening as much as I do.




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