I Phone

Here is a short story I wrote six years ago, in 2012.  I just found it whilst having a hard-disk clear-out and thought it worth publishing. I hope that you enjoy it. I Phone I phone home hoping to hear her familiar voice. There is nought to soothe me other than the monotonous whirr of […]

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Sonology, sequel

It was interesting.  I applied for the Sonology program.  I travelled twice to The Hague.  I jumped through the hoops.  And I was rejected. It was a useful episode.  Useful in the way that painful things can be good teachers. The first effect was a week of blindingly intense jaw pain.  I had been having […]

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I have decided to apply for admission to the four-year Bachelor of Music offered at the Institute of Sonology (http://www.sonology.org/) in The Hague. This program interests me because it appears to marry in a very sensible way the paths of technical and creative work in electronic music creation. My long-term goal is to study and […]

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Masterpeace looks like an interesting project. There is a nice mini-documentary called “Music above Fighting”, which has just been published.  Maybe you would like to get involved?  I would like to offer concerts for peace, consisting of kirtan and gentle music.  Anyone interested?  Drop me a comment.  AUM

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The human revolution

Strikes are so last century.  The real revolution has nothing to do with banks, contracts or the cost of petrol.  The real revolution is already underway, within each person who takes the time to practice, breathe, study and believe. The Human Revolution is the only exciting or incendiary thing that is happening here and now.  […]

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Sometimes, when a new client comes in for their first massage, there is a bit of nervousness.  Will they judge me?  Will they act strangely?  Massage is a deeply intimate, private act and it leaves little room for fakery.  Suddenly, it occurred to me that it is an act of great trust and faith for […]

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