Moby – This Wild Darkness

Brand new Moby.  He started out as a punk, and IMHO always retained his punk sensibilities.  His “rap” is heartfelt and deeply sensitive.  In these days of plenty during which we still find ourselves immersed in darkness, the darkness and fear of our own inner lives, our minds, we need artists who can put words […]

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Art, the artist and creation

Artists, we can’t help ourselves.  We create all the time.  We just have to.  Creative thought can be exhausting, maddening even, if it is not channelled.  Castles in the sky, patterns in the clouds, music in the clanging of cars.  For the creative mind, it is all fodder to then synthesise into something new.   That, […]

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Some newsletters for Music and Tech

I have been browsing around this morning, and found some interesting writing about the intersection of music and technology.  It is a vastly interesting field.  Given that many musicians are audiophiles, but most consumers are content with Mp3 on a mobile, there is a very wide spectrum of consumers to be catered for.  The money bit […]

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Music Discovery of the Week: World Sprituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda

My friend Kirana Stover over at Integral Yoga Barcelona put me on to this amazing new collection of Alice Coltrane’s devotional chant. She shared this article from the venerable New Yorker Magazine. (  So, me being me, I immediately decided to buy the disc. And, of course, being a fan of Bandcamp, I was doubly happy […]

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Straighten Up

This is a nice clip: It certainly gives me some sonic ideas.  In my other incarnation, I teach yoga.  I keep on imagining a crossover electronic-yoga music project.  It is taking form, but slowly.  I am gathering my knowledge and dedicating more time than ever before to producing and singing. Today, I walked up […]

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Music Discovery of the Week: Dossey

An email from Noisetrade alerted me to the music of Dossey.  Feeling like supporting an indie artist, I popped over to Bandcamp and pre-ordered her upcoming EP.  Have a listen: I would put her alongside artists like Bat For Lashes or maybe London Grammar, which she cites as in influence. I found it interesting that her […]

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The hidden dangers of dj’ing

Oops: I must admit that it hadn’t crossed my mind that using such a sample could cause offence.  And what of all the yoga-dance remixes that use hindu mantras? The irony is that “the Man” found out because of the clips shared on YouTube, the platform where a 1,000 streams earns you a mere […]

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